Double taxation thesis

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Journal of Australian Taxation

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Theses and Dissertations (Taxation)

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United States policies in international double taxation of income

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Double taxation can be an enormous disincentive to cross-border investment. This was recognised early on by the international community and attempts were made to mitigate its effect. In my thesis, I examine the problem of double taxation, tax treaties and treaty-shopping from a general perspective as well as the European Community perspective.

International Tax Relations: Theory and Implications DIANE RING* I. INTRODUCTION Governments rely heavily on taxes to fund their operations. If the business transactions subject to tax are entirely domestic, a country. teristics of tax sparing, its rationale and its role in double tax treaties.

The second part will provide an analysis and systematization of, and comments on, the different and variable. Get this from a library! United States policies in international double taxation of income.

[Hermon Manning Wells]. Rationale for the avoidance of double taxation. Avoidance of double taxation. Part 2 Tax treaties: History and purpose.

Structure. Part III Improper Use of Tax Treaties: The concept of improper use of tax treaties. Treaty shopping and other perceived improper use of tax treaties. Part IV Efforts to Combat Improper Use of Tax Treaties: Interpretation - application of substance over form principles.

double taxation conventions and the use of conduit companies and taxation and the abuse of secrecy clause (OECD, ). In the present paper we will limit our discussion to use of conduit companies and double taxation conventions, which is .

Double taxation thesis
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