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Gordon Mirams

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Gary Mirams: Publications By date By title By type BibTex [1] A Local Sensitivity Analysis Method for Developing Biological Models with Identifiable Parameters: Application to Cardiac Ionic Channel Modelling.

Gary R. Mirams. PhD Thesis University of Nottingham. Powerful as the mirror thesis is, a few voices have expressed caution or outright opposition. This chapter elaborates on concrete social-historical reasons to question the assumption that law mirrors society's customs and morality, as well as assumptions about the social order function of law.

The discussion is divided into three sections, the first. Gary Mirams Blog Links ApPredict Home Publications Colleagues Contact Quick links: Preprints, Journal publications, Book chapters, Conference proceedings, PhD Thesis, Conference talks, Other talks, Posters, Acknowledgements, and Peer reviewing.

Software. Myokit is a toolkit for computational cellular electrophysiology. It aims to reduce the time spent programming and implementing low-level solvers, while maintaining the performance and flexibility of powerful custom-made software.


Gary R. Mirams, MMath Thesis submitted to The University of Nottingham for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy May, Abstract The Wnt signalling pathway is involved in stem cell maintenance, differentiation and tissue develop-ment, and in so doing plays a key role in controlling the homeostasis of colorectal crypts.

In response. [Gary Whitcher, "'More Than America': Some Responses to American Popular Culture in New Zealand c", PH.D. Thesis, University of Canterbury, ] InMirams accepted a permanent appointment at UNESCO’s mass media division in Paris where he worked on the development of children’s television programmes.

Gary mirams thesis
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