Master thesis themen facility management

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AAR4992 - Master Thesis in Real Estate and Facility Management

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Get started now! In the absence of an approved restriction, the Master's thesis is effectively approved for public display in the library of the University for Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Master's thesis registration (for courses of study with a presentation or defensio). The acquired knowledge qualifies the students to perform scientific activities in the content of F2 internship or a master thesis. Content “Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology F1” consists of various courses each summer semester and winter semester.

Atkin and Brooks () states that the most important function of Facility Management is to provide, operate, maintain and improve supporting services. Master Thesis For an overview of individual courses, see the Course overview.

Details on individual courses are provided with the Module Handbook (for both documents go to Downloads). Facility Services: Diverse Services for production, research, administration, logistics and distribution sites (technical building services, indoor air and drinking water hygiene, cleaning, landscape maintenance, moving services, internal mail services, catering services, reception services, fleet management).

Master thesis themen facility management
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