Thesis on mac protocols

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Abstract. This thesis work focuses on innovative design of media access control (MAC) protocols in wireless sensor networks (WNSs). The characteristics of the WSN inquire that the network service design considers both energy efficiency and the associated application requirement.

The focus of this thesis is to design and study a medium access control protocol that mitigates the effect of multiple channel interference. We propose to use a receiver-initiated MAC protocol, instead of the sender-oriented Belview Technologies.

Jonathan Goldberg. Expertise: ST10, STR7xx and STM Belview Technologies specializes in the development of embedded firmware for vehicle applications, including instrumentation and information display, motor control, embedded bootloaders, communication protocols and.

ABSTRACT OF THE THESIS MAC PROTOCOL ADAPTATION IN COGNITIVE RADIO NETWORKS By KUO-CHUN HUANG Thesis Director: Professor Dipankar Raychaudhuri This thesis presents an adaptive MAC (AMAC) protocol for supporting MAC layer.

IPv6 Software

EVALUATION AND COMPARISON OF MAC PROTOCOLS IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS number of medium access control (MAC) protocols have been proposed in the lit-erature.

Evaluation of most of these MAC protocols have typically been based on In this thesis we rst analyze di erent protocols and use the.

This thesis will present the development of a random access MAC protocol for the IRIS platform. An assessment of different SDR hardware and software platforms is conducted.

Thesis on mac protocols
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