Thesis respondents profile

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research design

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Sample Demographic Profile Thesis – 597813

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respondents' perceived. What are the profile of the respondents Out of the one hundred () respondents, seventy five (75) or 75 % are females, twenty five (25) or 25% are males.

Majority of the respondents. Table shows that about 26 per cent of the respondents were educated up to high school and relatively lesser number of them, 17 per cent were educated up to higher secondary level. The number of respondents attaining higher education were very few.

Only four per cent of the respondents were educated up to the post graduates level. Respondents’ background profile at top organizational level at manufacturing and service companies (n=8) Respondents’ attitudes at top organizational level at.

In case eligible respondents exceed a total ofthe researcher will use random sampling procedure to identify the respondents. Data Gathering Instrument The instrument that will be used to gather the data is a check-list questionnaire which the researcher will distribute once the respondents.

You specify the number of responses you need and we'll use your targeting criteria to find you respondents. Definitions.

To calculate your sample size, you'll need to know the following information: Population Size. Your population size is the size of the entire population you wish to represent.

Thesis respondents profile
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